Motorhome Vagabond Travel Bug – February 2014 update

As some of you know I have had an interest in Geocaching for many years even though I don’t get the chance to play it much these days. However I did release a VW Camper Van toy as a travel bug and decided to update its progress via the pages of this blog. When I last wrote about it it had been retrieved by someone with the user name Tjong who had found it in a cache in Holland late August. About a month later it was finally moved on to a cache in The Hague and it stayed there until October 8th when mickael79 found it, his first ever travel bug find. He even photographed our VW camper before moving it on a week later somewhere close by.

Travel Bug October 2013

Travel Bug October 2013

It did not even spend 24 hours in its new cache as it was found by Xiefehl the same day who ‘garaged’ it in his coat for a week before placing it in a new home. In early November speurzus found it and promptly took it on a visit of many other caches without actually dropping him in any. These other caches were scattered around The Netherlands, a country our VW Camper must know well by now. Eventually he was dropped into another cache in early December where he remained until Boxing Day.

His new keeper was Malpaso Desperado who took it to 2 other caches before finally dropping it in the 3rd cache where it did not remain long, being found by verboontje-VLD who decided it was time for a change of country, placing it in a cache across the border in Germany in mid January. He kindly also took a photograph of the town which was its new home.

New Home in NW Germany

New Home in NW Germany

It would remain here for 4 days until Schwerttraeger07 found it, taking it to visit 12 other local caches before finally on February 4th moving it on to its current cache. How long before it moves again and when it does will it remain in Germany or travel somewhere new?


Bruges by Motorhome

After we left the Aire at Ypres we made the short drive to Bruges, probably my favourite city in Belgium.

Bruges by Motorhome –  Where to stay

Motorhomes have a couple of options when deciding where to stay, assuming you don’t plan to wild camp which I did once before for a night. For a more traditional campsite you might want to consider Camping Memling. However I’ve never stayed at… Continue reading

Ypres Camping (Campsite Jeugdstadion)

Recently Ewelina and I decided to take the Hymer for one last quick overseas trip and settled on 2 nights in Belgium. After the short drive to Dover we boarded a DFDS ferry to Dunkirk arriving mid afternoon. We decided to spend the first night in Ypres or Leper as it’s now known locally, staying at the Aire which is generally known as Ypres Camping

Mobile Broadband in Iceland

I’ve visited Iceland a number of times now and in 2013 I was there for 2 weeks. I was not in my motorhome but once you own a motorhome you tend to notice them and when travelling to other countries you cannot help but look into how ‘motorhome friendly’ the country is. In another article I will talk about motorhoming in Iceland but for this article I wanted to discuss… Continue reading

Hymer Motorhome For Sale

Well after 3 1/2 years of ownership I now have a Hymer motorhome for sale! It’s been my home for most of that time and it will be sad to see it go but the realities are that it is a luxury now that my lifestyle has changed. Recently Ewelina and I moved in together and the Hymer is only likely to get used a few times a year. When… Continue reading | 9 Comments