New Home in NW Germany

Motorhome Vagabond Travel Bug – February 2014 update

As some of you know I have had an interest in Geocaching for many years even though I don’t get the chance to play it much these days. However I did release a VW Camper Van toy as a travel bug and decided to update its progress via the pages of this blog. When I last wrote about it it had been retrieved by someone with the user name Tjong who had found it in a cache in Holland late August. About a month later it was finally moved on to a cache in The Hague and it stayed there until October 8th when mickael79 found it, his first ever travel bug find. He even photographed our VW camper before moving it on a week later somewhere close by.

Travel Bug October 2013
Travel Bug October 2013

It did not even spend 24 hours in its new cache as it was found by Xiefehl the same day who ‘garaged’ it in his coat for a week before placing it in a new home. In early November speurzus found it and promptly took it on a visit of many other caches without actually dropping him in any. These other caches were scattered around The Netherlands, a country our VW Camper must know well by now. Eventually he was dropped into another cache in early December where he remained until Boxing Day.

His new keeper was Malpaso Desperado who took it to 2 other caches before finally dropping it in the 3rd cache where it did not remain long, being found by verboontje-VLD who decided it was time for a change of country, placing it in a cache across the border in Germany in mid January. He kindly also took a photograph of the town which was its new home.

New Home in NW Germany
New Home in NW Germany

It would remain here for 4 days until Schwerttraeger07 found it, taking it to visit 12 other local caches before finally on February 4th moving it on to its current cache. How long before it moves again and when it does will it remain in Germany or travel somewhere new?



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3 thoughts on “Motorhome Vagabond Travel Bug – February 2014 update”

  1. Hello,

    I have joined your website a few minutes ago. My husband and I have decided to take a career break and go motorhoming around Europe for a year. We are completely beginners so we have lots to learn and I am sure your website will be very helpful to us.

    We have bought a few books to know more about how to purchase a motorhome, how to prepare it, how to deal with ongoing maintenance, etc. However, I would like to learn more about safety and security, and it would be great if more experience motorhomers could share some tips with us, in particular on:

    1) how best to protect the vehicle when we leave.

    2) where we must avoid parking the vehicle

    3) how best to protect ourselves in case they break into the vehicle when we are inside and,

    4) What useful devices you would recommend buying

    Thank you very much


  2. Hi Susana,

    You are about to embark on a great adventure. It’s good that you are thinking about things and planning as much as possible. Security is important but for most of us common sense keeps us safe for the most part. To answer fully:

    1. When you are away from the vehicle there are lots of ways to protect it. Personally my motorhome never had an alarm or any special additional security. I remember reading forums where people recommended certain alarms, some fiamma door locks etc but I never felt the need. My vehicle did not have any fancy satellite dish or display valuables but if it had I might have acted differently. Most people I know simply avoid ‘rough’ areas or anywhere that feels unsafe.

    2. During my tour I met many other people touring Europe. A few had been unlucky and been the victim of crime. Thieves are opportunists generally and pretty lazy going for easy pickings. If you are somewhere pretty remote it’s unlikely they will also be there. You are much more likely to be a victim in a supermarket car park whilst you are shopping. Some areas of Spain had problems I believe and I know some couples where one would stay with the vehicle when supermarket shopping. Forums are best places to discover general security tips and current news of what areas to avoid.

    3. As for personal security whilst inside the vehicle I’d say generally criminals avoid occupied vehicles. You hear stories on forums about things being pumped inside the vehicle to make you sleep so they can gain access and steal things but I’ve never actually met such a victim. Most thieves want easy pickings and an occupied vehicle is a much more risky proposition for them.

    4. Can’t really recommend devices as I never really used any. Others might have some advice. Maybe some visible lock on steering wheel as a visual deterrent. Some motorhome base vehicles had poor door locks apparently and I remember one person who used to tie cord from passenger door to drivers door which would prevent either door from opening even if lock was compromised.

    Generally my advice would be to enjoy the experience and don’t let security dominate your thoughts. Much of it comes down to common sense and moving on if an area doesn’t ‘feel right’. I would advise joining one of the busy forums for current advise but if anyone wants to reply to Susana via the comments please do.


  3. Gary Does have lots of advice, but if you look on motorhomefacts there is 80,000 members that have contributed nearly every thing you want to know, a wealth of information which over time has helpd me know end,its free to read and free for the first three questions, then you need to become a member but you will save the membership money in many ways , Best of travels Bryan

  4. Hi Bryan,

    I used to be on motorhomefacts and as you say lots of useful advice when I was starting out. I never renewed my membership though. Back then there the forums were getting a little opinionated and there were less posts about motorhome tips and more about general stuff not even related to motorhomes. Maybe this has changed? I did meet a couple of great people from the site but don’t think they use it anymore either.


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