Motorhome Vagabond Travel Bug – September 2013 Update

When we last uploaded an update our VW campervan travel bug was in the hands of Potsdam resident ‘Proisse’. On the 8th June this year he placed our travel bug in a cache in the German town of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. ‘Geometrix’ then retrieved him on 16th June saying ‘Let’s go to Tuscany!!’. Before this new adventure though ‘Geometrix’ took the VW to another 9 caches in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Our travel bug finally made it to Italy where it visited 3 caches before being placed in the fourth cache called Volterra – Docciola in Toscana on 25th June. Then just 3 days later ZantravTeam retrieved him and then on August 4th took him to a new destination in Italy called Arco which is popular with climbers and mountain bikers. Five days later he was discovered by Dutch geocacher Strandjuttertje who promised to take him back to Holland.

Good to his word our travel bug’s next home was a cache in Gelderland where he was dropped on 22nd August. This new home was not a long term arrangement though as cacher ‘Tjong’ found him just 2 days later. The camper van is still with Tjong and I wonder where he will travel to next……

Unfortunately we don’t have any new photos of our camper to share with you but we can update that it has now travelled a total distance of 7094km!


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