Motorhome Vagabond Travel Bug – The Latest!

When I last updated you the VW Campervan toy had just been found by parvoboy in Eastern England. Since then it’s really begun to travel! Parvoboy took it with him overseas to Malta during which time it visited 3 different caches. On 17th March Geocaching user Vexatus grabbed it from a cache called TB Departure Lounge and promptly took it to Poland! Ewelina was pleased to hear that our little VW Campervan had visited her homeland. The first Polish cache it visited was called Krzywy Las which is located in Zachodniopomorskie, close to the German border. The cache is location in a wood that contains over 400 strangely deformed pine trees.

Vexatus did not drop the VW Camper here but instead visited various other caches in this part of Poland including caches in a cemetary, a tower and a bridge. On 8th April Vexatus then took it across the border to Germany, quite fitting for a VW Camper! He placed it in a cache called Bockwindm├╝hle in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern where it remained until 20th April when MaKi2010 found it. On 4th May MaKi2010 placed it in a cache in Brandenburg where it remained for just one day before being found by Proisse.

So far the VW has travelled 4637km and I’m eager to find out where it will travel to next. Hopefully fellow geocachers will start to take more photographs of the camper so we can feature them here.


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