Welcome to Motorhome Vagabond! My name is Gary and I began this blog in December 2009 with the aim of documenting my thoughts as I started out on what was a complete lifestyle change for me.

Gary Box

The idea for the blog started because I’d become dissillusioned with life and indeed society in general. At the time of writing the UK was in the middle of a recession which was largely caused by irresponsible bankers. Some of these banks would have failed had they not been bailed out by governments who used taxpayers money to rescue them. Despite these banks now being largely state owned their directors seem intent to continue to award themselves ‘fat’ bonuses whilst ordinary members of the public are saddled with their mistakes for a generation. It would seem that UK governments are unwilling to help the manufacturing industry but are happy to throw billions at the banking industry and reward failure. The government now talk of splitting banks up into safe retail banking and risky investment banking which makes a lot of sense but why did they not do it long ago?

It’s not just the recession that has caused me to question things either. The recent scandal here in the UK about MP’s expenses leads me to believe that we now live in a society where the wealthy are consumed by utter greed and the ordinary working man and woman are punished again and again for just trying to survive.

Faced with paying increased taxes for another 20+ years and still not being able to retire is not an attractive proposition. Feeling powerless to change the status quo it seems you are left with two options, work even harder to earn more which the government will take in taxation or opt out of the traditional way of living and seek an alternative.

This second option is the one I’m hoping to follow and so I began to explore the idea of buying a motorhome to live in permanently, something that is commonly referred to as ‘fulltiming’. Initial investigations revealed that it could indeed be a much cheaper way to live and I hope to relay my experiences of this ‘lifestyle change’ through this blog.

Besides postings about the motorhome life I will also write about my other hobbies and interests which include travel, photography and hiking. Feel free to post comments on any of the posts from this blogĀ  or contact me directly if you prefer.

All the best,