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Nexus 7 Review

When living in a motorhome space can be at a premium. My main computer of choice has been a 15″ HP laptop which is now about 4 years old and

Dyson DC30

The following post are my thoughts about the Dyson DC30 handheld vacuum cleaner after more than one year of ownership. A motorhome is a small space to keep clean and

Garmin Dakota 20 Review

Hiking has been a hobby of mine for about a decade and early on I bought a GPS which I used in conjunction with a paper map and compass. My

Gaslow Refillable Cylinders

One of the first improvements I wanted to make to the motorhome was to install Gaslow refillable cylinders. Most motorhomes and caravans in the UK use Calorgas propane bottles, either

Hymer B564

Hymer B564 – A Review

Well I’ve owned and lived in the Hymer B564 for more than a week now so I thought I would pass on my initial thoughts in the form of a

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