Welcome to the Motorhome Vagabond website! This page contains some general information about how the website started as well as what our current plans are.

My name is Gary and I first started thinking about buying a motorhome in late 2009. At the time the UK was still reeling from the financial crash of 2008 as well as news about the MP’s expenses scandal. Reading news about people losing their jobs and pensions made me realise this was a somewhat corrupt and unfair system. The idea of paying rent on a place I would never own and continuing with the Monday to Friday 9-5 held little appeal. I had begun to read about people who ‘fulltimed’ and travelled in motorhomes and did my own research.

In early 2010 I finally purchased a used Hymer B564. The build quality of this era of Hymer is well known and it turned out to be a perfect vehicle for my new lifestyle. I carried on at work until June, living in the motorhome at the same time. These few months allowed me to get used to the vehicle and make some changes like installing Gaslow Refillable cylinders. In June I started a tour of Europe which lasted until November. Once back in the UK I continued to fulltime in the Hymer.

Early in 2013 I started dating Ewelina and by June we moved into a rented place together. We lived within the London Low Emission zone and the Hymer was not compliant so was parked outside the zone. We would still use it for weekends within the UK and a brief trip to Bruges. Towards the end of 2013 it was clear that the time had come to sell the Hymer. Ewelina and I moved from London to Northampton in June 2015. We then rescued Archie our Border Collie in March 2016. Although we no longer owned a motorhome we did hire one on a couple of overseas trips we made, including a two week tour of Japan in November 2016.

Since having Archie we realised that most of our holidays were likely to take place within the UK. Having a campervan seemed a good way to travel with the dog and so in October 2017 we bought a used Adria Twin. Ewelina and I both love photography, hiking and travel. Some of our images appear within this blog but we have lots more on various social media channels. The icons you can see on every page are links to our social media accounts but we are most active at the moment on Facebook and Instagram.