Old shipwreck Isle Of Mull
Shipwreck, Isle Of Mull
Isle Of Mull – May 2022

Peace & Quiet on the tranquil Isle of Mull…

I’ve visited many Scottish islands before but never The Isle of Mull. In May 2022 we spent 5 nights away in a remote dog friendly cottage next to a private beach.

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Where Do My Interests Lay in 2022?

Since giving up living fulltime in a motorhome back in early 2014 it’s not been easy to remain focused on this travel blog. Travel was still a big part of my life running a London based hiking company until I sold it at the end of 2016. Since moving to Northampton and getting a dog, most of my travel has been staycations with Ewelina and the dog.

We did get another campervan briefly but we didn’t get enough use from it to justify keeping it. Apart from a tour of Japan in November 2016 in a rented Mazda Bongo I’ve not done much touring in recreational vehicles.

I did consider stopping this blog due to lack of time. My pet businesses were keeping me very busy and I was also helping build websites for others. We do still get to travel from time to time and so I have decided to try and continue to write articles about the places we visit. These articles may not have a van life focus but campervan owners may still enjoy them.

Photography remains a passion. I feel I have improved over the years and now look back and wish I could revisit all the places I’ve seen, especially as I lost many of my old photos due to losing a hard drive.

Some Favourite Articles