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Wild camping in Anglesey Camaes Bay

Motorhome Fulltiming

From early 2010 until the end of 2013 I lived permanently in a motorhome. It was mostly within the UK but it did include a 5 month tour of Europe in 2010. During this time I built up a good knowledge of how to make this lifestyle work. My experience including the pros and cons of fulltiming, campsites, wild camping, internet access on the move etc is all shared here.

Cae Du Campsite view

Campsite Reviews

In my time travelling by motorhome or campervan I’ve visited a large number of campsites, both in the UK and within Europe. I didn’t always remember to make notes to review them later but my opinions on many of them appear on this website. Hopefully I will add to this list from time to time, though I generally wild camp when I’m using a campervan.

Mobile Broadband in Iceland

Mobile Internet Access

One of the things that is important to fulltimers and digital nomads is the subject of getting reliable internet access on the move. In the early days this often meant using Alfa wifi boosters to improve connections to free wifi hotspots. These days however your 4G or 5G mobile provider can rival any home broadband contract for both speed and bandwidth for the same sort of money, with the added benefit of having that connection wherever you travel.

Adria Twin Review

Motorhome Reviews

At the time of writing I’ve only owned two motorhomes / campervans. The first was a Hymer B564. More recently, Ewelina and I owned an Adria Twin campervan. I’ve also hired campervans before. I’m hoping to increase the number of articles relating to motorhome reviews, either by visiting trade shows or hiring vehicles from time to time. I would also consider posting your review about your motorhome if you want to get in touch