24 Hours in Dubrovnik - Old City at Night

24 Hours in Dubrovnik

With only 24 hours in Dubrovnik we would be kept busy. The drive from Split went smoothly with hardly any delay at the Bosnia and Herzegovina border. Close to the border area we noticed lots of street stalls selling local produce.

Dubrovnik – Not A Car Friendly City

Having done some research before leaving the UK we knew that Dubrovnik wasn’t very car friendly. We organised our parking in advance which saved us money. It was a small, independent place we found online with enough spaces for about 8-10 cars. It was very close to the old town and a short walk to our accommodation at Room Lora apartments. Despite being a short walk it was a tough one being up a few flights of stairs with lots of luggage.

Dubrovnik By Night

Once we had settled into our accommodation it was time to head out to explore the old town at night. Both Ewelina and I really enjoyed walking within the old city walls. The old buildings looked lovely lit up and despite being busy with tourists, everyone seemed very relaxed and chilled. I do regret not taking more photographs at night. I wasn’t really happy with those I did take. It was hard to photograph buildings without having people in the foreground. Using a tripod would result in motion blur for people. We used high ISO instead but we still didn’t like the foregrounds of most of our photographs. It would have probably been better to concentrate on street portraits. In truth after the long drive I think both of us had our tourist heads on rather than our photographer heads. In any case we really did enjoy Dubrovnik by night and would happily visit again.

Walls Of Dubrovnik Tour

The following morning we checked out of our accommodation and loaded the car. We would need to leave Dubrovnik early afternoon but there was time to do the Walls of Dubrovnik Tour. You do get some good elevated views like the one below but I’m not sure it’s worth the high price otherwise. For much of the time you are trying to get past large, slow tour groups. Many of these tours seem to want to solely focus on the city’s connection with the TV series ‘Game Of Thrones’. Now I did watch the series myself but I still think it’s a sad reflection on modern society. I just don’t get why people are fascinated by mythical characters from a book and TV locations rather than the real history behind Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Old Town from city walls.
Dubrovnik Old Town from City Walls

Dubrovnik – Summary

Ewelina and I really did enjoy our 24 Hours in Dubrovnik. It’s a city we both would like to visit again eventually. It’s the sort of destination that makes an ideal weekend city break. Get a transfer from the airport to the old town and you won’t need to worry about parking. It’s also a popular stop for cruises for those who enjoy this form of travel.

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