Treviso & Venice

After spending just the one night in Arabba I decided I would move on. After buying a few supplies from the supermarket and having a quick look around the town I finally left town at about 6pm. I only wanted to drive for a short time and so I finally pulled over in a car park next to a Shell petrol station in a place called Brenta where there were about 5 other motorhomes parked.

On Friday I left Brenta at lunchtime having decided I would head to Treviso. It would be good to leave the mountain roads behind but I was not looking forward to the high temperatures forecast. I arrived in Treviso at about 3pm and easily found the free sosta which was close to a sports stadium. It was an uncomfortably hot 36 degrees celcius and after a short walk around the town I sat outside my motorhome trying to find some shade. Too hot to eat I drank as many fluids as I could to stay hydrated.


Saturday morning and another hot day. I bought some more drinks and a sandwich from a large supermarket. Normally I don’t like food shopping but whenever I enter an air conditioned shop here in Italy I get this stupid grin across my face. Lunch safely in rucksack I walked to the station to catch a train to Venice. The return cost less than €5.00 and took a little over half an hour, a cheap way to see Venice as it turned out. I do love Venice but I could only spend a few hours walking around because of the heat and was back in Treviso by about 5pm.

Gondola on the canals
Doge’s Palace, Venice
Rialto Bridge, Venice

Being a weekend the sosta was much busier than the night before and I could not help but notice a motorhome with lots of Australian decals all over it which was Dutch registered. The owners Ewout and Jenny came over to say hello once they saw my UK registered vehicle. It transpires that they have family in the Netherlands who store the motorhome when they are in Australia. Last year they spent 7 months touring Europe and this year they were touring for 3 months. It seems their next destination would most likely be Slovenia and I explained what little I knew about the country and where I intended to visit. We swapped details, their blog address being and then I tried to get some sleep in the stifling heat, again being unable to eat a decent meal. At about 4am I was woken by the rocking of my motorhome. I was in the middle of a tremendous storm, almost constant flashes of lightning darting across the sky and high winds blowing everything around that was not fixed in place including litter bins. I closed the windows and returned to bed, actually pleased to see the storm as it would mean cooler temperatures.

Sunday it was indeed much cooler and I noticed that Jenny and Ewout had already left. After taking a shower I topped up the motorhome with fresh water and dumped my grey water before driving off bound for Trieste.

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