A brief visit to Switzerland

When we arrived in Locarno it was already getting dark but it looked promising for the weather the following day. The free car park was really quiet overnight and we awoke to a perfect day overlooking the lake. The trees had the autumn coats on, the first real signs of autumn we had seen and an indication that we really were making progress in our quest to head north. We stopped for an hour by the lake taking some photographs and feeding the ducks and swans before setting off again.

Autumn in Locarno

Our next intended destination was Interlaken. We let the GPS direct us which naturally led us on the most direct route. As we gained altitude we saw the first signs of snow on the roadside. Eventually our progress was halted by a barrier blocking the road and so we had to turn around and take another route to Interlaken. Once in Interlaken we found a car park and walked around for an hour. Had it been the summer I would have liked to stay a few days and do some hiking but most of the best hikes require the use of public transport, which like everything else in Switzerland is expensive.

That evening we pulled over into a rest stop on the A1. On Saturday we continued our journey, getting ever closer to the German border. Our last visit stop in Switzerland was the Rhine Falls where we parked alongside what looked like a tour party of Italian motorhomers. After leaving the Rhine Falls we almost immediately crossed into Germany for the next leg of our adventure.

It had been a really short visit to Switzerland but I fully intend to return one day to explore more of its beauty.

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