Camping Alter Bahnhof, Metzdorf

Camping Alter Bahnhof
  • Location
  • Value for money
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+ Great value with ASCI card
+ Free wifi
+ Electric included in price

– Grass pitches (soft in winter)
– Lack of atmosphere

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The February 2016 Europe tour had begun! A night wild camping in Calais was followed by a short visit to Luxembourg. With time passing we decided to try and find a campsite close to the Luxembourg / Germany border. A quick look in the ASCI book revealed that Camping Alter Bahnhof in Metzdorf would be our best option. Many campsites are closed off season and with no booking we were pleased to find this one had space.

Camping Alter Bahnhof, Metzdorf – Good value winter option

One potential downside is that the pitches are grass. Indeed when trying to pitch the motorhome we did find the wheels slipping slightly. Once parked up we visited reception which was closed. A sign directed us to the main house where we found the owner. The cost for the night was just €14.00 with the ASCI card. For this price you got electric hookup, a code to use the free wifi and key for the heated shower block.

Camping Alter Bahnhof
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Camping Alter Bahnhof, Metzdorf = Photo by Russell

The campsite is located on the banks of the River Sûre, also known as Sauer Fluss in German. In summer I’d imagine this is a lovely location popular with motorhome owners. On a cold, wet February day though there was a distinct lack of atmosphere. It seems as though Camping Alter Bahnhof relies on seasonal or long term stays off season. Most of the other motorhomes and caravans we saw were older German made vehicles with permanent awnings.

Camping Alter Bahnhof – Activities & Attractions close by

For us this was just a place to stop for the night. The campsite does have a number of decent walking and cycling routes and seems popular for fishing too. It would also make a great base if you wanted to visit the historic cities of Trier in Germany or Echternach in Luxembourg. In summary if you have an ASCI card, Camping Alter Bahnhof is a great value place to stay and comes highly recommended.



Gary Box

Author: Gary Box. Gary decided for a complete change of lifestyle late in 2009 which resulted in him buying a Hymer motorhome to live in and starting the Motorhome Vagabond blog. A tour of Europe followed in 2010 and he still writes about his adventures. Google

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