Bruges by motorhome

Bruges by Motorhome

After we left the Aire at Ypres we made the short drive to Bruges, probably my favourite city in Belgium.

Bruges by Motorhome –  Where to stay

Motorhomes have a couple of options when deciding where to stay, assuming you don’t plan to wild camp which I did once before for a night. For a more traditional campsite you might want to consider Camping Memling. However I’ve never stayed at Camping Memling, instead opting for the Aire next to the coach park and marina. You can read about my last visit to Bruges by motorhome by clicking the link. I always seem to visit Bruges in the winter when the Aire is just €15.00 for a 24 hour period (11am to 11am) which includes electricity. There is no shower block but if your motorhome has its own shower this won’t be a concern to you. The low season rate is decent value considering how close it is to the town centre and also taking into account how popular Bruges is. The Aire is effectively a car park so you are quite close to the next motorhome but I expect this from a city centre place.

The Aire also has a sani station machine which was out of order during our stay. Fresh water can be obtained from the coach park next door which is also where the ticket machine to pay is located. There is no wifi at the Aire but much of Bruges has free wifi and like most countries you can buy a data sim card for one of the local networks if you happen to be staying in Belgium for any length of time.

Bruges by Motorhome – What to see and do in the city

Bruges is a Unesco World Heritage City ideal for those looking for a short city break. It’s not known for its nightlife but is the sort of city that appeals to couples and lovers……and if you’re single then lovers of beer, chocolate or lace. With a good network of canals boat trips are a popular way to see part of this city. For those on foot it’s an easy city to navigate and the Belfort (Belfry) is tall enough to be visible most of the time and being centrally located a good place to meet if you happen to get split up. Couples also might like to try one of the horse drawn carriage rides through the city.

Bruges by motorhome
Bruges with Belfort in background

Ewelina and I spent most of our time looking around and taking photos but we did manage to find the time to sample some very strong beer in the famous bar Cambrinus and enjoy some good European cuisine in a lovely little restaurant that evening.

If you have visited Bruges by motorhome and would like to leave a comment about the Aire or any special must see places in the city please do leave a comment.


  1. Hi Gary, we went to Bruges 9 years ago (How time flies) on our Ruby wedding anniversary, February 2005. We stayed at Camping Memling then and caught the bus down into the city. A lovely place. We were there for several days and had a good old poke around.
    I can remember being amazed at the speed with which the locals drove round the cobbled streets, especially when they were wet!
    Also comical was the shutes under the horses arses so they didn’t leave piles of poo as they pulled the traps around the city.
    We also went to Ypres on that trip and visited the First World War Museum which I found very moving, as my grandad was gassed there in the trenches and would tell me endless tales off those times, when I was little. Ah if only I could have recorded him or written it down somehow, what a book it would have made!
    We also went to Ghent which was also very picturesque and would have gone on to Brussels, but we learned that the US president- George W was visiting, so decided things might be difficult to get to!
    Love your Blog. Pete Ingram. UK.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve done some road trips my Dethleffs a few years now. I live southern Finland and most of my trips are oriented to the north. Northern Norway is very beautiful and stunning place. But now I think is time go south and your blog is great place to get tips and ideas.

    All the best, Teemu

  3. Hi Teemu,

    Yes I would love to do Norway by motorhome. Have visited 3 times before but not in a motorhome. I’m planning to visit Japan in November 2016 and might do that as a campervan trip. Great photography website by the way!

    All the best
    The Motorhome Vagabond

  4. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the comment which I seemed to have missed. I’ve heard good things about Camping Memling too but like the aire as it’s walking distance to centre of Bruges. Yes you are right some locals can drive quickly on those cobbles! Ypres is great too. I have been to Ghent but only in my car on my way back from Norway. Not sure if Ghent was as motorhome friendly. Never been to Brussels, don’t know why, it’s never appealed to me as much.

    Do you blog about your travels?

    Since selling the Hymer I let the blog slide slightly. Just did a redesign though and hoping to include some fresh content. Did a brief tour in Europe in February and looking to do Japan by campervan in November. Also blog on another site as follows

    The Motorhome Vagabond

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