Fiat Ducato 5th Gear finally repaired

Today I finally had the well known Fiat Ducato 5th gear problem repaired! Rather than go into lots of details about the nature of this problem I just wanted to quickly give some general points of advice for anyone else who is faced with this problem in the hope that it makes you more informed and hopefully saves you some money.

Fiat Ducato 5th Gear – What part(s) to buy and where to buy them

The total cost of this repair charged to others who have faced it varies wildly. Part of the reason for this is because many get billed for a new Fiat Ducato 5th gear kit (5th gear and a new synchro). The old synchro is the same both sides so by merely turning it around you can avoid having to buy a new one. Another cost cutting tip is to shop around for the 5th gear to get a decent price. The Fiat Ducato is essentially the same vehicle as the Peugeot Boxer and the Citroen Jumper. White van man does not seem to suffer from this problem and it seems to be confined to motorhome owners who generally drive more cautiously and change into 5th earlier (at lower revs). The majority of motorhomes are based on the Fiat Ducato and not only have Fiat refused to admit any liability for this poor gearbox design, but they also seem to charge more for the same part than Peugeot.

Thanks to readers who replied to my earlier post I saved myself some money. Fiat wanted over £250.00 for the 5th gear part. My local Peugeot dealer charged me just over £170.00 for the same part. Naturally I would advise others to refuse to pay Fiat’s over inflated parts prices. The Peugeot part number is 2344C9.

Fiat Ducato 5th Gear – Finding someone to do the repair

When my Fiat Ducato 5th gear suddenly failed I didn’t rush to the first garage to get it repaired which probably saved me money in the long run. Firstly if you are mechanically minded and have a reasonable set of tools this is a job you could do yourself! If you decide like I did that you want someone else to carry out the repair then here are a few things which will hopefully help you make the right choice:

  • The gearbox does not need to come out to do this repair. If a garage tries to tell you that it does then I’d advise looking elsewhere.
  • The repair is a 3 hour job maximum. Beware of garages who say this is a 6 hour job.
  • Rather than using a general mechanic or even a Fiat dealer I would recommend using a gearbox specialist. A specialist who has been in business a while has probably done this repair on many vehicles before will be able to work quickly and at a fair hourly rate.

Due to my location and based on advise given by readers of this blog I decided to use Transmission Services in Guildford to repair my Fiat Ducato 5th Gear. I was charged 3 hours labour at £50.00 per hour and a small amount for gearbox oil and VAT. They overfilled the gearbox by half a litre which is often recommended to do.

If you have had an issue with a Fiat Ducato 5th gear I hope this article has helped.




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