Mobile Broadband in Iceland

Mobile Broadband in Iceland

I’ve visited Iceland a number of times now and in 2013 I was there for 2 weeks. I was not in my motorhome but once you own a motorhome you tend to notice them and when travelling to other countries you cannot help but look into how ‘motorhome friendly’ the country is. In another article I will talk about motorhoming in Iceland but for this article I wanted to discuss another aspect of being in Iceland which might be of interest to motorhome owners and travellers generally to Iceland, and that is…. what is the best mobile broadband in Iceland.

In April 2013 I was in Morocco and successfully used mobile broadband after unlocking my mifi. You can read about it by clicking the following link:

Internet in Morocco

I was keen to do the same in Iceland and once I arrived I began to do some research. Iceland is a very well connected country and many places have wifi (usually password protected). However since I would be travelling around quite a lot and staying in some more ‘obscure’ places I wanted my own mobile broadband in Iceland to stay on top of admin.

Mobile Broadband in Iceland – The best network

It quickly became apparent that the network with the best coverage was Siminn. You can view their coverage map here:

Siminn Coverage Map

Mobile broadband in Iceland - Siminn
Mobile Broadband in Iceland – Siminn

I looked online and noted the address of one of their stores in Reykjavik. I decided to purchase a SIM card for 2190 Krone which equates to just over £11.00. This would last 1 month and provide me up to 5GB of data. At such cheap prices for mobile broadband in Iceland it seems pointless even thinking about buying a motorhome wifi extender to try and find unlocked wifi signals! The sales assistant placed the SIM in her mobile handset, unlocked it and then it worked fine in my unlocked mifi without any further issues.

Mobile Broadband In Iceland – My experience using over 2 weeks

During this particular 2 week trip I was mainly in the south of the country. The connection was great almost everywhere I went, including the western fjords, Reykjavik, Selfoss, Vik and most of the South East coast. The only places I remember struggling to get a good connection were close to the Hekla volcano and at the Vesturhús hostel in Hof who had their own connection in any case. Even here it was possible to get a signal just a 15 minute drive back in the direction of Skaftafell. For anyone who wants cheap, reliable mobile broadband in Iceland I can recommend the services of Siminn.

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