Hymer motorhome for sale

Hymer Motorhome For Sale

Well after 3 1/2 years of ownership I now have a Hymer motorhome for sale! It’s been my home for most of that time and it will be sad to see it go but the realities are that it is a luxury now that my lifestyle has changed. Recently Ewelina and I moved in together and the Hymer is only likely to get used a few times a year. When you take into account the costs of insurance and tax it no longer seems viable to keep it.

Hymer Motorhome For Sale – Hymer B564 Specifications

My Hymer B564 is a 1998 R registration with 81k miles on the clock. The dimensions of the vehicle are about 6 metres long, 2.3 metres wide and 2.8 metres high. It’s based on a Fiat Ducato and is a 2.5TD. It’s important to note that this is the TD model has 103 BHP, by no means making this a sports car but being more ‘usable’ than the 2.5D which only had 84 BHP.

The Fiat Ducato is generally considered to be a great vehicle for a motorhome conversion. Mechanically they are very reliable, the two main weaknesses of this model being 5th gear failure (recently fixed on this vehicle) and rusty front crossmember. The vehicle is taxed until the end of October 2013 and the MOT runs until February 11th 2014 (I’m happy to have a new MOT done before selling).

Moving on from the Fiat base vehicle to the Hymer motorhome vehicle which makes this vehicle special. Hymer motorhomes from the 1990’s are considered to be some of the best made motorhomes ever made. When I was a buyer myself I was struck by just how well made they seemed in comparison to newer models from other manufacturers that cost the same. The motorhome specification includes:

  • Front isofix cab seats with armrests that swivel.
  • Seats for 6 people (4 regular belts and 2 lap belts)
  • Sleeps 4 (overhead cab double and dinette conversion double)
  • Right Hand Drive (generally more desirable in the UK)
  • Lots of cupboard and wardrobe storage.
  • Great bathroom area including shower cubicle rather than wet room.
  • 3 gas ring hob
  • 3 way fridge that will run on 12v, gas or 240v
  • Full gas oven and grill (quite rare in continental motorhome)
  • Large freshwater and waste water tanks.
  • Large awning (which I confess I hardly ever use)
  • Gaslow Refillable Cylinders meaning cheaper LPG and ability to fill up anywhere in Europe.
  • Fuel consumption of about 30MPG if driven carefully.
  • Power steering.

Hymer Motorhome for sale – The ideal buyer

Having owned this vehicle for over 3 years I think I have a good idea who it would be suited to. Because Hymers are so well made I think this vehicle is ideal for anyone considering living in a motorhome or someone who is a regular user. Having toured Europe myself in this vehicle I also think it makes a great tourer. Not only is it very well insulated and able to stand a UK winter but the Gaslow system means you can buy gas for heating and cooking at any petrol station selling LPG. Based on the amount of interior space I think it’s ideally suited to a couple. I have travelled with 4 people before but if you plan to use all 6 seat belts you should either have some using a tent or buy sides to connect a full awning.

Finally I would say this vehicle would also appeal to those that like a bargain. I’m selling this Hymer for £12,500.00. If you look at classified adverts you will see lots of Hymers for sale that are much older than this and still in good condition. Buying at this price I believe means you would be able to enjoy this vehicle for a number of years and sell it without losing much in depreciation. You can’t really say that about newer motorhomes or indeed other manufacturers who don’t have the build quality of a Hymer.

So if you are looking for a Hymer motorhome for sale why not contact me via this blog for more information.


  1. This is great value for a used Hymer, but am not in the market for a used motorhome at the moment. Have enjoyed reading your blogposts and it’s a shame you’re selling. Am a fellow enthusiast and can’t imagine giving up my motorhome just yet.

  2. Hi Gary,

    I don’t want to sell but my circumstances have changed and the money for insurance and tax adds up when you are using it less and less. Also I live within the LEZ so storage is now an issue too. I still love the touring lifestyle and would love to tour North America and New Zealand by motorhome. Maybe I’ll win the lottery or some manufacturer want me to ‘test’ their vehicle and blog about it! Since both of these scenarios are unlikely I guess my blogging will be limited to those times when I hire a motorhome for a trip or two.

    All the best
    The Motorhome Vagabond

  3. Hi Gary.

    Sorry to hear that you are selling the van but times and circumstances change. I agree that your age Hymer is really suited to more regular touring than most, probably the era of the best built Hymers. We certainly enjoyed ours. Good luck for the future and it has been great following your Hymer living over the last couple of years.

  4. Hi Gary,
    Is your lovely Hymer for sale?
    If so could you contact me ASAP as my wife Have been looking for a decent Hymer at a fair price for some time,Only just found this advert!
    Please call me or email my tel is 07973165563
    Many Thanks

  5. Hi Pete,

    Good to see Harry the Hymer has gone to a good home. It has years of useful service and will provide some great memories I’m sure. Stay in touch.

    The Motorhome Vagabond

  6. hi gary I noticed my comment has been taken of your web at that moment I was in dispare with fiat but I still stand by my comment but thanks for taking my comment on board regards delc

  7. Hi Derek,

    I’ve never taken your comment down. It does sometimes take me a while to approve comments as I need to filter the spam but once approved I never then remove the comment. You are not the only one to complain about Fiat and Swift. In many ways I think Fiats make decent base vehicles for motorhomes but there are examples where they have made one or two design errors and then don’t stand behind their vehicles. As for Swift and many other manufacturers it does seem that caravans and motorhomes don’t enjoy the same build quality we have come to expect from cars. Whether that’s down to the manufacturers or us the buyers expectations I’m not 100% sure. For example I’ve looked at some caravans recently and generally walking round new ones you get the feeling that everything is cheap and ‘thrown’ together. However the average British buyer seems to buy on looks and layout and if it has the wow factor which many models do they seem to ignore the build. It also doesn’t help that most want to tow a decent sized caravan with a fairly small car which results in caravans being built to be lightweight.


  8. Where is the best place to get my Hymer motorhome valued correctly. I may want to sell at some point in the near future.

  9. Sorry I couldn’t really say. Generally I would look on sites like Autotrader to see what other models like yours are selling for.

    All the best

  10. Great article thanks. This is the model we want to buy and probably about that age. Is yours for sale?! ?

  11. Hi Ian,

    I sold mine years ago. I don’t currently have a motorhome. Since one would only be needed a few times a year I think I will either hire something when needed or try and use my Berlingo as a micro camper.

    Hope you find what you are looking for.


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