As it was November I wanted to show Joy the nature spectacle that is the Donna Nook seals in Lincolnshire. To save some money we decided not to use campsites. After some research on the internet we found out about a great location called Moggs Eye, also known as Huttoft Beach which is close to Mablethorpe. We ended up staying there for 2 nights along with a couple of other motorhomes who were regulars on this beach at weekends.

Donna Nook Seals

During the day on Friday and Saturday we visited the Donna Nook seals. Weekends are naturally busier and if you can you might want to try and visit during the week but please check beforehand as the area is also an RAF bombing range which is sometimes used mid week. Each year I go back it seems more popular than the last and whoever owns the land that is used as an overflow car park must be making a fortune. Like anything else though, when something becomes too popular it can have a negative impact and this is certainly the case with the Donna Nook seals where pup mortality rates are reported to be up because of both the numbers of visitors and their actions. I’d witnessed the actions of some so called wildlife photographers in the past who would seemingly stop at nothing to get the picture even if it was distressing the pup and the mother. For this reason I did not venture out to the sea this year and only took photos of those seals close to the car park where fencing prevents you getting too close and wardens are able to keep an eye on both the seals and the general public. Let’s hope the actions of a ignorant members of the general public and a few selfish wildlife photographers do not result in Donna Nook being off limits for future visitors.

Donna Nook Seals – My photographs

As my telephoto lens has been causing me problems I was unable to get that many sharp images, though the one below was the best of a bad bunch. Since I really do enjoy wildlife photography I must consider getting a better telephoto lens sometime soon.

Donna Nook Seals
Seal Pup

We both really enjoyed our trip away from London and despite the cold weather the motorhome had proved a very comfortable place to be on the wild Lincolnshire beach. It had been great to visit the Donna Nook seals again but on Saturday evening it was time to head back to London.


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1 thought on “Donna Nook Seals”

  1. Morning Gary – Happy Christmas from North Wales! I just couldn’t stop myself from dropping you a quick note to let you know that me and my family stayed at the Camp Site at Crystal Palace wait for it – 45-ish years ago. I’m sure it’s not owned by the same people now 🙂 Mum & Dad were taking me and my sister to London to see the sites. We camped every year until I was 18.
    Enjoy your travels.
    PS. A few years ago my sister & I bought a Motorhome and had some great adventures in it.

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