Update from Motorhome Vagabond

Since returning to England life has been busy and this blog has been neglected.

I sent my c.v. to a job agency but the market is not great. Rather than wait for an agency to find me work I decided to investigate working for myself. Whilst I was working on this I was able to show Joy some more of the U.K. including the cotswolds, snowdonia and the south coast of England.

Being based in London meant Joy was also able to meet some of my hiking friends and Russell who is another motorhome owner. We both also helped out at a homeless shelter over the Christmas period.

If this was not enough, Joy was also able to fit in trips to Paris and Cuba without me.

By mid February it had come time for Joy to return to America. She had made a real impression on everyone she met, especially me. I could not have wished for a better touring partner for my European adventure.

So what about me going forward? Well I have decided to look after the motorhome better, no long tours or high mileage this year. Many nights are spent away with the hiking group so I’m not really a fulltimer anymore.

I do still meet interesting people when I do stay at a campsite. This morning was a case in point, when I chatted to another Hymer owner who spends 3 months in the U.K., 3 months in Turkey and the rest in south east asia. I also met an interesting American lady with 2 alsatian dogs who was made redundant and enjoys the gypsy life and has no intention of joining the rat race anytime soon.
I’m not that fortunate and finances dictate that I need an income. I hope my own ideas for businesses take off, but I’m open to offers for work in the meantime. I’m not fussy either, will do anything.

Hopefully the blog will continue with stories about my travels and photos too. You meet so many interesting people when you own a motorhome or caravan, it would be a shame to have to give it up.

Feel free to get in touch, especially if you want to employ me or work with me on an internet project.

The Motorhome Vagabond

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  1. Thank you so much Gary, for giving me the opportunity of a life time; it has
    been an incredible journey! Everyone I met touched my heart and changed my life, especially you.

    TTUL ~ Joy xo

    p.s. Canterbury and the Peaks District, too. 🙂

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