Wild camping in Anglesey Camaes Bay

Wild Camping in Anglesey

Following our brief trip to Scotland we returned home to get the brakes fixed on the campervan. With the repair completed and still a few days remaining of our vacation we decided to head to North Wales. Being last minute and with no campsite booked we decided we would spend our first night wild camping in Anglesey. We have visited Anglesey a few times before and had a good feeling that finding somewhere to wild camp would be fairly easy. Anglesey is also a favourite location for Archie our Border Collie who loves the beaches there.

Wild Camping in Anglesey – Camaes Bay

Being a member of the wild camping for motorhomes forum I have a number of possible locations for wild camping in Anglesey. With good weather predicted we wanted a location that would offer a good sunset. It seemed Camaes Bay would be a good option. When we arrived it was indeed a good location for a sunset but we would not be wild camping here. There were no signs saying ‘No overnight camping allowed’ and no height barriers. However it’s clear from the sign we could see that they want to deter motorhomes. Whilst parking all day is only £2.00, if you want to park from 5pm to 8am the charge was £15.00! Considering there is no electric hookup or facilities of any kind this sort of ridiculous charge must be designed to push motorhomes to use the official campsites.

We briefly parked at Camaes Bay so that Archie could run on the beach. The photo at the top of this article is our vehicle parked at Camaes Bay. The photo below is the sunset we saw that evening.

Camaes Bay Sunset
Camaes Bay Sunset

Whilst waiting for the sunset I used the time to decide where to overnight. The wild camping app revealed a few possible locations and we ended up further along the coast at a basic seafront car park.

Anglesey has many great beaches to explore. We particularly like Newborough Beach but decided not to visit on this trip. The following morning we instead decided to head to Snowdonia. Before leaving Anglesey we stopped at Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch for a cooked breakfast. We have cooking facilities on board but had packed light for this last minute trip.

If you are interested in wild camping in Anglesey or anywhere else in the UK you might want to check out the Wild Camping for Motorhomes forum.


  1. Is there anywhere i can get a printed list of free camp sites for motorhomes on Anglesey? Its our first time hiring a motorhome and we’re not sure where to go, we dont need mains hook up or water so thought wildcamps might be good, Anglesey and North Wales coast

  2. Hi Debbie,

    The best place of getting information about free wild camping locations that is kept updated is the website https://www.wildcamping.co.uk/. They do charge a fee for accessing their points of interest but it’s not much money and worth it. Once you wild camp regularly you tend to get to know what might be a good location but I still think the information given on the website I mentioned is worth it. I prefer having a few locations in their app that I can check out rather than trying to find my own location.

    Hope this helps.
    The Motorhome Vagabond

  3. Hi Gary , Now that you’ve experienced both Hymer life and Auto-sleeper life Id love an answer to my question
    I plan to tour Europe and some of the UK this year , on my own (no dog) covering the different seasons
    I’ve short listed to either the 4 berth Peugeot (2000ish) harmony or symbol , I’m only 5’5 and see myself sleeping in the overhead so i don’t have to make up a bed everyday. its faster , narrower and more maneuverable, but not as much room, also RHD
    or , my other option is a Lhd hymer B584 (Separate shower) wider , drop down bed 🙂 but more cumbersome to get around and into smaller villages etc, slightly higher fuel consumption.

    living long term should i go for the Hymer or enjoy the stealth of the Pug

    whats your thoughts please

  4. Hi Howard,

    I’ve not actually owned an Autosleeper but reviewed a new one. I currently own an Adria Twin which I’m probably selling. I know both vehicles you are looking at so can probably give my opinion.

    If the vehicles have been well looked after by previous owners both should be reliable. Hymers of that age are renowned for the interior build. Autosleeper are one of the few UK makes who are respected for their build.

    The Hymer pull down bed will be much more roomy than the overcab in the Autosleeper. I’d try the overcab for a few nights just to make sure you like it just in case you find yourself making up the lower bed each night.

    The separate shower is nice but not as much of a priority as the bed.

    Vehicle size can make a difference. The only times the Hymer felt big was in Cornish fishing villages and a few places in Italy. Personally I’d be tempted by the smaller vehicle for just one person.

    Fuel consumption would be very close in my opinion. My Hymer was great considering how square and boxy it was.

    The LHD vs RHD is mostly personal preference. I’m happy driving both but note that if driving alone in Europe in RHD you will have to shuttle across to passenger seat at tolls to pay. Not a big enough reason to favour one over the other though.

    For me the most important thing would be to have a trouble free vehicle for such a tour. As such I’d base my decision on general condition and service history.

    Hope it helps.

    The Motorhome Vagabond

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