The Lillies Caravan Park

The Lillies Caravan Park

The Lillies Caravan Park

Gary Box

Value for money
Customer service


Really rude customer service and as such I did not even stay here. Other reviews are less than glowing too and the site has since closed down.


It has come to my attention that The Lillies Caravan Park has since closed down and is now a housing development. Therefore there seems little point in reading my review which was rather negative based on poor customer service. For those looking for a campsite near Bognor Regis you could consider Rowan Park Caravan Club Site.

Having left Graffham campsite I wanted to try somewhere new whilst slowly making my way around the south coast. I initially decided on Slindon Camping and Caravanning Club Site but it appears nobody answers the phone on a Wednesday. In the end I ended up in Barnham, near Bognor Regis. Following the brown tourist signs indicating a campsite I found myself arriving at The Lillies Caravan Park.

The Lillies Caravan Park – Why I decided not to stay here

The reception seemed to be closed with a sign directing you to the OK Corral. This turned out to be a building close by. Entering the building I was given a cold stare by a lady who said rather rudely ‘you’ll have to wait I’m busy’. I’m guessing I caught her at a bad time but I was really taken by surprise at how rude she was. Sometimes you do question why some people work in customer facing roles when they lack basic common courtesy.

Now I could have waited but the thought of handing over any money to someone so rude just didn’t appeal to me. So I turned round and got back in the motorhome. A few minutes later as I was searching for alternative accommodation I was startled by a knock on the passenger window. It was the same rude lady indicating she was now ready for me. I bluntly replied I’ve changed my mind’ and I don’t think she was left in any doubt that I was less than impressed with her level of customer service. If I ever find myself in the area again you can safely assume I will not be using The Lillies Caravan Park.

The Lillies Caravan Park – More details (If you happen to like rude people)

The site caters to caravans, motorhomes, trailer tents and tents. They welcome well behaved pets apparently. Hopefully they are more welcoming to pets than they are to humans! Pitch prices are based on 2 people and range from £11.00 to £15.00 per night. Unlike most campsites in the UK however electricity is charged extra, at £4.00 per night. Additional adults, children, dogs and awnings all attract extra charges. Showers are included in the pitch price and checkout is a rather early 11:00am.

The Lillies Caravan Park is close to Barnham which has some shops and train station. It’s a slightly run down town and I noticed a number of shops boarded up. If you happen to be in the area thankfully there are a number of campsites to choose from. Feel free to ignore my review if you like but I think you could do better than The Lillies Caravan Park.


  1. Since originally writing this review it seems the website I linked to has vanished (I wonder why?) and so I now link to another article on the web that has a few reviews of this place…..seems I’m not the only one to describe them as ‘rude’. Seems it was also filthy but then I cannot say as did not stick around.

  2. I think you need to understand there is more to life than “The importance of being Gary Box” what a sad World you must live in that you have to start sounding out with revengeful diatribe every time someone upsets you? We all get crap service from time to time….just get over it mate. You are turning into some sort of bunny boiler. I guess this will upset you to. But do I care….not a jot.
    Charlie Love

  3. Charles,

    I’ve written many reviews on here of campsites, the vast majority being positive but you only seem to want to find the negative ones and comment on those, why would that be? People who use the internet for vengeful diatribe usually only spout negative comments and not positive experiences they have. Most of my posts are positive.

    You say you don’t care a jot, that’s fine, I don’t expect you to. Why waste your time commenting, surely you have better things to do? You’re not one of these trolls are you?

    All the best

  4. Very well said Gary, Charles Love sounds like a complete Tosser and probably a Troll sitting in a dark little room tapping out his childish comments day in day out,

    Charles, – Get over it you sad little tosser….

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