Wyatts Covert Caravan Club Site

Wyatts Covert Caravan Club Site

Since returning to the workplace I have spent most of my week nights wild camping close to the office. My leisure batteries will allow me to wild camp for a few nights only. I do like to use a campsite at least one night a week and this campsite tends to be Wyatts Covert Caravan Club Site. Being at a campsite allows me to recharge the batteries. Having electricity also allows me to iron shirts for work and do laundry. Finally a campsite allows me to drain my grey water and empty the Thetford cassette (toilet).

Wyatts Covert Caravan Club Site
Wyatts Covert Caravan Club Site

Wyatts Covert Caravan Club Site – Facilities

Wyatts Covert Caravan Club Site is situated on Tilehouse Lane in Denham. Once you leave the busy A40 you really start to feel like you are in the country. Certainly some of the roads to access the site are quite narrow. It’s worth noting that the site is just within the M25 so I assume you need to make sure your vehicle is LEZ (Low Emission Zone) compliant. It’s about a 35 minute drive from work for me.

It’s smaller than most club sites with only 50 pitches, all hardstanding. Maximum vehicle length is 8.50 metres. It has all the facilities you could want including, shower blocks, chargeable wifi, laundry, motorhome service point etc. The position of the service point does not allow you to simply drive over the drain. The need to attach my wastepipe takes longer but is not the end of the world.

The reception do sometimes sell some basic food items. There is no supermarket within walking distance so you are advised to make sure you arrive with everything you need. The location feels quite rural and you can very quickly find yourself walking along the Grand Union Canal. The site is opposite Denham Aerodrome. Don’t worry though, this is hardly a busy airport and there are no flights at night. The aerodrome attracts a few light aircraft and helicopters. The first night I stayed at the site I remember feeling how peaceful and quiet it was. I’ve stayed there a number of nights over the last couple of months and each time I’ve had a really good night’s sleep.

Wyatts Covert Caravan Club Site – What to see & summary

The cost to stay at Wyatts Covert Caravan Club Site is typical of any Caravan Club site. Rates vary depending on the season but in the low season (Saver) and regular season it represents decent value for money. So who might want to stay here? Well the Caravan Club website lists the model village in Beaconsfield and Windsor Castle as two local attractions. I’m not sure I would consider Windsor Castle that close but Beaconsfield certainly is. Most visitors wanting to visit central London probably look at Crystal Palace or Abbey Wood sites but it might also be  worth considering Wyatts Covert too! It’s not far from the campsite to Uxbridge tube station which is on both the Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines.

For me it represents a good site close to work for those times when I need to have hookup. For more information why not visit the Wyatts Covert Caravan Club site website.


  1. Have you ever considered using a scooter for the commuiting to the office aspect? Or cycling if you’re up to it? I cycle 10 miles to work and then home again each day – I cycle along a riverside track though!

  2. Hi Richard

    I know many own a scooter but I don’t really want to own a second vehicle, not to mention the extra insurance and other ownership costs. I do own a bicycle and did have it on the bike rack but the chain and other parts started to rust after a couple of days. The cycle now stays in a garage at my fathers house.

    The journey to work is really easy and not being a morning person I can just imagine my mood if I had to cycle in when it was raining!

    Are you a motorhome owner yourself?

  3. Hi Gary. Great website. Found searching ‘3 Peaks in a motorhome’…! Will read more when I have time. What about an electric powered bike? You can get these from your employer on the ‘cycle to work’ scheme. Range of about 50 miles, plug in for recharge at work, cycle back to the site… 15 mph top speed, ideal for commuting in traffic. No tax, insurance, or mot. Some WD40 or spray grease will keep the rust away…
    Just a thought, Richie..

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