Dyson DC30

The following post are my thoughts about the Dyson DC30 handheld vacuum cleaner after more than one year of ownership.

A motorhome is a small space to keep clean and using a normal domestic vacuum cleaner seems like overkill. Motorhome owners are always aware of space and weight, the maximum allowed payload can be easily exceeded if you are not careful! As a result a portable handheld vacuum cleaner seemed the best option.

The rechargeable handheld cleaners of the past were next to useless, the suction just was not good enough. When Dyson entered this market it all changed and finally it was possible to buy a product that actually did a proper job. Now Dyson products are not cheap but I’d rather spend a little more on something that actually works, rather than curse and spend longer on domestic chores!

Dyson DC30 – Specification

At the time I bought my Dyson there were 2 main models to choose from, the Dyson DC30 and the Dyson DC31, the latter costing an additional £20.00 or so. In the end I opted for the cheaper Dyson DC30 which has a Dyson digital motor, 2 year guarantee and a 0.35 litre capacity bin. It weighs 1.2kg, has 40 Air Watts of suction power and can operate for 6 minutes before needing another charge. Like all Dyson cleaners the Dyson DC30 is bagless. The DC31 offers a few extra features, the main one is 2 power settings 38 Air Watts gives a 10 minute battery life or 65 Air Watts which gives 6 minutes battery life.

Dyson DC30
The Dyson DC30

The fact the Dyson DC30 is rechargeable suits me as I wild camp regularly and do not have access to 240v hookup. The battery life of 6 minutes does not sound much but I’ve found due to the good suction it’s enough for small spaces like motorhomes, caravans and car interiors. To recharge the Dyson DC30 battery takes about 3 hours and I always take the opportunity to recharge the battery when I have hookup.

The Dyson DC30 is very well made and easy to use. Emptying the bin is very easy as is taking the cleaner apart to clean, including removing the filter. It’s worth mentioning the filter, it’s a washable and reusable one, meaning you don’t have to buy spares and as a result surely better for the environment than disposable filters?

Dyson DC30 Summary

I’ve been very pleased with my purchase of the Dyson DC30. Some might argue that the 6 minute battery life is too short but for people with small spaces to clean like car interiors, motorhomes and caravans it’s certainly worth considering. The fact it takes up no valuable space and weight is a huge benefit and Dyson’s are the only handheld vacuums I would consider. The Dyson DC30 would have scored higher if the price was slightly lower and the battery life longer.

If you are interested in a Dyson DC30 or Dyson DC31 you can buy them online from Amazon:

Dyson DC30 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (Latest Generation)

Dyson DC31 Handheld Vacuum with Dual Power Mode (Latest Generation)


  1. How can a hand held hover that latest only 6mins be good it takes 3.5hrsvto charge not very green I thought my iPhone was bad this takes the biscuit

  2. You need to understand how much power things like hoovers and hairdryers draw. Even ones that use the mains can trip the electric at campsites as they draw so much power. It might not seem like much running time but it’s not really a fair comparison to an iPhone which draws much less power (but can still have shocking battery life!).

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