The 5 Worst Things About Living In A Motorhome

Well I’ve tried to come up with more ‘downsides’ to motorhome life but still could not make 10 so here is my list of the 5 worst things about living in a motorhome.

Grass pitches

Grass pitches!

1. Grass pitches. 

Not an issue when I’m wild camping and most of the time on campsites I’ve had hardstanding. However twice I’ve had a grass pitch and they just don’t make sense here in the UK! My first gripe is that whenever I step outside the motorhome I get mud on my trainers which is then transferred to the carpet. If dirty shoes were not bad enough I then have to unplug my hookup lead which has spent the night trailed in the mud and morning condensation. So I get dirty and wet reeling the thing in, usually after I’ve already had my morning shower!

2. Laundry.

Having downsized to live in a motorhome I don’t have the space for a washing machine and tumble dryer. Most campsites have a laundry room but they can be expensive. I still haven’t settled on how I will do laundry long term. A cheap option would be to use a large bucket with lid placed in the shower cubicle. Driving around would agitate it and wash it in the process. Drying seems a bigger problem and I might have to use campsite dryers.

3. Bathing.

Before starting this lifestyle I would shower more often than have a bath. Now I don’t have a choice. I have a feeling there will be times when I might crave a bath. As for showers I usually use the showers at campsites or work as they are more powerful than the one in the motorhome. I’d like to find ways to improve the shower in the motorhome and plan to possibly replace my submersible pump.

4. The sound of rain.

The past couple of weeks have been largely dry. Before that though it seemed to rain every evening. On a motorhome roof the sound of rain is much louder. It can be a soothing sound when you are just chilling out but when you are trying to concentrate on something it can be a real distraction.

5. Parking.

A larger vehicle makes parking more difficult. Most council car parks have height barriers which prevent motorhomers from using them. If you do find a space on the streets where you can legally park, chances are the space is too small for you to use. Three point turns are also harder. All in all it’s something you get used to and make allowances for.

Anyway that’s my list, if you live in a motorhome I would be interested to know what you think are the worst things about this lifestyle choice.


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