Upgrading – New leisure batteries and submersible water pump

When I bought the motorhome it came with a single 75Ah leisure battery which is very limiting when you do as much wild camping as I do. Whilst I’ve upgraded some of the interior lights to LED, the ones above the dinette which are the ones I use the most are still halogen. Using these along with the laptop means I sometimes have to run the engine if I wild camp in one location for a few nights.

The location of the leisure battery was in a recess to the right of the driver’s seat. As all the wiring was already there I decided I wanted the new leisure batteries to stay there and based on the limited space available this meant installing two 80Ah low top batteries. I’m not a heavy user of electricity so I’ll be interested to see what difference this makes before deciding on whether to also fit a solar panel.

Leisure Batteries
Two new 80Ah leisure batteries

The other recent upgrade made was to change my submersible water pump. I’ve never been happy with the water pressure since I’ve owned the Hymer, especially from the shower. It’s not been a major issue since I use campsite showers or the shower at work but when touring Europe I will not always have access to a shower so it needed fixing.

I discovered my current pump, a Comet VIP plus, was not an original Hymer fit. The specification seemed good, 20 litres per minute and a bar rating of 1.1. After looking on the internet and getting some advice from other motorhomers on forums I decided to purchase a Reich twin submersible which has a rate of 19 litres per minute and a bar of 1.4. To install the pump I needed to buy a crimper and some spade connectors from Halfords and within 15 minutes the job was done. When I arrived at a campsite I filled up with fresh water, bled the system and was delighted to find a much improved shower pressure.

Submersible Water Pump
Reich Submersible Water Pump

There are still a few things I need to do to make the motorhome perfect for touring but I feel like I’m getting close.


  1. Hi Claire,

    Yes a solar panel would make sense but they are not cheap! I need to be sure I need one before spending that kind of money. If I plan to move on every couple of days I might find that the alternator alone is enough to keep the batteries topped up.


  2. Hi, That sounds amazing!

    I want to do this but I am scared about not finding a campsite in london to stay since they have a 6month period.

    I would love to pay you a visit and ask a few Q’s before making the big move!



  3. Hi Gary, interested that you installed 2 batteries. We are in the process of doing that in our Hymer B544. We have gone from a single 75 AH to 2×110 AH but am a bit worried about the voltage difference. How did you manage yours and was it ok?

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