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Adria Twin

Adria Twin 2007 Review

Gary Box

Adria Twin Review
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The Adrian Twin is a popular model for those looking for a fixed bed layout. It’s based on a Fiat Ducato which is proving to be a good base vehicle with strong engines. There are however some rattles from the Adria interior build and personally I have found Adria less than helpful when it comes to supporting used models.


Having recently sold our Adria Twin I thought I should do a review of this popular model. The model year relating to this review is 2007 but the basic layout has not altered that much so my thoughts could apply to more recent models too. This is a personal review and my own likes and dislikes may not be relevant to you or your needs.

Adria Twin – The Basics

The Adria Twin is a popular campervan that was introduced in around 2004. At its launch it was regarded as the first such campervan with a transverse fixed bed layout, something many competitors have since copied. There is no doubt that many people like a proper fixed bed. Other people though are happy to make up the bed from the lounge settee each night, like you would have to do on a model like the Autosleeper Symbol. The Adria Twin is based on the Fiat Ducato van and comes in lengths from about 5.5 metres to 6.5 metres. The one I owned which forms this review is the most popular 6.0 metre vehicle that comes with 4 belted travel seats and a dinette.

In 2007 the Fiat Ducato received an update and it’s the new shape that I owned. It has a large sliding door on one side, driver and passenger seats that swivel and as previously mentioned a transverse fixed double bed at the rear of the vehicle. The wooden base for the bed can be raised and secured against the side of the interior allowing a useful area to transport bicycles.

On a UK spec right hand drive the bathroom is located driver’s side behind the dinette. It is a wet room style containing sink and cassette toilet. The shower head doubles as the sink tap. The kitchen is opposite the bathroom, consisting of a 2 burner gas hob and a sink. There is also a small basic gas grill / oven. The Adria Twin has a decent amount of storage, both floor level and roof level cupboards.

The fresh water tank is approx 100 litres and located onboard under the dinette seat. The waste water tank is a similar size and underslung so care is needed to protect from freezing in winter. The leisure battery is usually located at the rear passenger side of the vehicle under the mattress contained in a cupboard along with the electroblock. On the driver’s side rear you will find the Truma boiler and a gas locker. The Truma boiler is gas only, at least on 2007 models. As such if you use campsite electrical hookups in winter you are advised to carry a small oil filled radiator or fan heater to save on gas usage. The gas locker is large enough to take two of the large 13Kg Calor Propane bottles. Alternatives would be BP light 10kg bottles, Safefill 10Kg bottles or Gaslow 11Kg bottles. I always advise on using Propane rather than Butane if you plan to use your motorhome in the winter months.

Adria Twin – The Positives

The Adria Twin uses the popular Fiat Ducato chassis. I have mixed feelings about the Fiat Ducato but let’s concentrate on what’s good. My Adria Twin used a 2.3 120 bhp Multijet engine. Newer models tend to have a 130 bhp engine. In my experience and looking at other reviews this engine is capable of a very long life and high mileages if the service schedule is followed. Early models of this Fiat Ducato had complaints about reverse gear judder but I can only assume a recall fixed this as I could not replicate this problem in my particular Adria Twin. The Fiat Ducato is apparently slightly wider than some other base vehicles which makes it more suitable for fitting a transverse fixed bed which the Adria Twin became famous for (more about the fixed bed later). I should point out at this stage that the Fiat Ducato is essentially the same vehicle as the Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Relay, made in the same factory.

Moving on to the habitation area, the Adria Twin seems to be relatively well made. Certainly in my 2007 model all the cupboards still worked and the interior was generally wearing quite well. I wouldn’t say it was the same quality as my late 90’s Hymer but then I don’t think modern Hymers are quite as well made as the late 90’s vintage. General opinion seems to be that Adria are a decent brand and built better than something like Trigano Tributes which they compete with.

Adria Twin Interior
The Adria Twin interior seems to be long lasting

Adria Twin – The Negatives

Unfortunately there are a number of things I didn’t like about the Adria Twin. This is a personal review and therefore some of my negatives might not be relevant to you and your needs.

My first negative would be the fixed bed layout. I can certainly see the advantage to not having to make the bed every night but I just happen to think a fixed bed is not a good use of space in a 6 metre long vehicle. I much prefer fixed beds that are stored up high in daytime mode, much like my old Hymer B564. However I will concede that there is plenty of space under the bed of the Adria Twin and this space is ideal to store a large dog crate.

Adria Twin fixed rear bed layout
Adria Twin fixed rear bed layout

Having previously said that the interior build quality is pretty decent there is one area that used to annoy me. No matter what I did the kitchen area would rattle whilst driving. Even if I removed the grill tray it would still rattle. Even when I completely emptied the vehicle ready for sale I found that the kitchen unit would rattle. I also found that the concertina blinds on the cab windows would also rattle sometimes. I’ve looked on forums and it seems I’m not the only one who has mentioned these rattles. I can’t comment on whether newer versions are less noisy.

Another negative I would have to point out is Adria themselves. I can’t say if it’s a company wide issue or just the UK dealer network but in my experience I found them very unsupportive. I got the sense they are only interested in selling new stock and not supporting used models, even when the customer was ready to make a purchase of a part. Maybe my comments are not unique to Adria but I certainly found Hymer much more helpful and supportive of their used stock.

Adria Twin – Summary

My experience with the Adria Twin was not as good as that I had with my old Hymer. If I was in the market for another 6 metre long campervan I would not buy another Adria Twin. I think there are other models that make better use of the interior space.

So what’s next for the Motorhome Vagabond? Essentially most of my camping will be weekends in Spring and Summer. Often I’ll be travelling alone. When I do go on holiday with Ewelina and Archie we are likely to just book a dog friendly cottage. I’m considering camping on the cheap by using my existing Citroen Berlingo with something like a used Amdro Boot Jump. I like the idea of removable camping units for a number of reasons which I plan to set out in a future post.


  1. Wow what a basic rather poor review that was . The kitchen rattled come on ehh ? Surely this is something you could have adjusted. I had an Adria twin 07 absolutely brilliant van the bed your talking about that folds right up so it’s not fixed like you say ? It gives you free room to with huge amounts of space in the back . Adria top quality the 600 top quality model

  2. Hi Steven,

    I think I need to clarify a few things. I realise the Adria Twin is a very popular campervan. In my review I wanted to give my thoughts and to be honest I did not like it for various reasons and was delighted to sell it. Maybe there was some way to try and cure the rattles but what I tried failed. I read lots of others who mention rattles on the Twin. Also it was far worse than my previous experience with a motorhome which was an old Hymer B564.

    My fixed bed did indeed fold up like you say. My comment related to the very first Twin model released in the UK which I’m told didn’t do this. I could be wrong but when selling mine at least two people who viewed it mentioned specifically that they were looking for a post 2007 model because they needed the ability to fold the bed.

    I had more than a few issues with mine which no doubt colours my opinion of the model. I certainly would not buy another. Sure people can criticise me for a negative review and that’s fine. I’d rather people have the chance to read this and comment if it makes them think and consider such an expensive purchase carefully. I see too many reviews from people who are given new models to test who rave about the vehicle. I generally prefer to read reviews from people who paid with their own money to own a product for an idea what they liked and disliked and then try and apply that to my own wants and needs. Many of the things I did not like may not apply to someone else. The rear bed layout for example is loved by many. I also like a bed that’s permanently made up but found the drop down overcab type on my Hymer a much better use of the space.

    There is every chance that had I been driving a brand new model I would have liked it more. Certainly I’m sure the dealer or Adria UK would be willing to answer questions for a new model. My experience of buying a used Adria was that Adria UK simply were not interested in you. I wasn’t looking for free support, I wanted an answer to a question so I could buy the right part. Again I can only contrast this with my experience with Hymer which was much better.

    No doubt the Adria Twin will continue to be a popular model. It’s just that I would not buy another and probably would not consider Adria as a brand next time.

    All the best

  3. Very honest report thank you. I am looking to purchase an Adria 2005 twin because I need a vehicle with 4 seatbelts and I’m also on a rather tight budget, just hope I can find something reliable, as I know it’s getting on a bit. But it would seem new to me as I am selling my 1994 Mohawk!! Although I love this little motorhome and the light and airy space it provides, it would be really nice to have power steering and belted seats to accommodate passengers. Does anyone know if the fixed bed lifts up or can it be reduced to a single somehow to provide space for a moped?

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