Hymer B564 1998

Hymer B564 – A Review

Well I’ve owned and lived in the Hymer B564 for more than a week now so I thought I would pass on my initial thoughts in the form of a review.

Hymer B564 – Specifications

The Hymer B564 I own is a 1998 model on a Fiat Ducato chassis. The Fiat engine is a 2.5TD which seems perfectly adequate for a motorhome of this size. Talking of size it’s difficult to know the exact dimensions of this model as sales adverts seem to disagree. A good guess however would be that it’s 6 metres long, 2.3 metres wide and 2.8 metres high.

Hymer B564
Hymer B564

Hymer B564 – Interior and Exterior

The exterior of the vehicle has the lockers you would expect for gas bottles and cassette toilet and also comes with a very useful ski locker which although narrow is the full height of side panel. This locker has shelves that can be folded back to allow storage of tall items like skis, surfboards etc. and a drain plug is fitted at the base to allow water to drain away from wetsuits or waterproof jackets. The outside of my particular vehicle has a Fiamma Zip awning which will be an effective way of doubling my living space when I have guests to stay.

Inside the Hymer B564 you will find six belted travel seats. Besides the driver and passenger seats, there are an additional four seats around the dinette. The two dinette seats closest to the outside wall both have 3 point inertia seatbelts, the inner two have lapbelts. The vehicle is classed as a four berth, featuring a pull down double bed located over the front seats and the dinette converts to another double if you use the pull out extenders and extra cushion provided. Both beds are comfortable, especially the pull down and both will easily sleep taller people (I’m 6’2″).

Pulldown Bed
Pulldown Bed

The kitchen is opposite the dinette and features a fridge / freezer, 3 burner gas hob, twin sink, and cooker / grill. It should be noted that like most continental motorhomes the cooker is not a standard fit and in my vehicle’s case was an accessory fitted by the previous owner. The kitchen area and indeed the whole vehicle is supplied with ample cupboards for storage.

Hymer Kitchen

Towards the rear of the Hymer B564 on the same side as the kitchen you find cupboards and a hanging wardrobe ideal for all your clothes. On the other side of the vehicle the rear is taken up by the bathroom which contains toilet, hand basin and separate shower cubicle.

Hymer Bathroom

The Hymer B564 interior feels light and airy during the day thanks to windows both sides and at the rear and a large rooflight in the centre of the vehicle. All windows have insect and blackout screens. At night the vehicle’s habitation area provides good light levels from carefully placed lights. There are two above the pull down bed, two above the dinette, one over the kitchen area, another outside the bathroom above a full length mirror and finally one in the bathroom itself.

Like most older Hymers the Hymer B564 feels really well made. All cupboards are solid wood and the upholstery looks like new which was not always the case on much newer vehicles I’d seen where the seats were wearing thin.

The Hymer B564 drives well, and it will happily sit at 70mph all day, though I usually average 60mph to get the best fuel consumption. Like all high sided vehicles it can be affected by sidewinds and there is no getting away from the fact that this feels like a commercial vehicle and not a car, but that’s to be expected.

Overall I’m pleased with the Hymer B564 and I’m looking forward to touring in it both here in the UK and in Europe.

Update – Following a longer period of ownership of the Hymer B564 I can confirm that the build quality of the living area stands up well. The only real weak area of this vehicle is the well known Fiat Ducato 5th gear problem (recently fixed). I no longer live in my motorhome and alas it means I cannot justify keeping it. If you are looking for a hymer motorhome for sale why not contact me?


  1. Can you tell me miles per gallon on a cruise drive at say 60-70 mph?/

    Many thanks

  2. I have the same model as above all be it a 97, fully loaded with a scooter on a rack on the back, and half full water tanks I get an average of 30mpg regardless it seems of headwind etc, I chuck it on cruise at the same speed as the trucks etc and watch the world go by, when I first got it I used to do 70mph everywhere and more at times quite easily and it returned about 25mpg


  3. Hi

    Ive got a 1995 B564 but hand book and other paperwork is in German. I need to find the Maximum Permissible Laden Weight in order to get Red Pennant breakdown insurance. Can anyone help?

  4. Hi Bill,

    I’m not in the motorhome at the moment. I have English paperwork / manual and can let you know what it says if you have any questions. As for the max weight there is usually a plate telling you this. From memory this plate is somewhere near the habitation door (at least it is on mine). In any case the max weight fully loaded is 3200 kgs. You might be interested to note however that the vehicle has been tested as safe at 3500 kgs and if you needed the extra payload you can pay a company about £200.00 and they will issue you with a new plate with the new max weight.

    Feel free to contact me again if you have any questions.

    The Motorhome Vagabond

  5. The plate is between the side door and front wheel riveted onto the grey moulding, 3200 kg is the max weight.

    A popular auction site has the manual in English occasionally for a few quid, got 1 last year.

    recent trip to Italy recorded a avg mpg of 31.80mpg with scooter on the back at 100kph on cruise.


  6. This looks good! I hope to buy one tomorrow. I am not sure of the stated mpg. I only ever got 26 from an Elddis keeping below 65 on motorways, I will be happy to be impressed though!

  7. Hi Neville,

    How are you getting on with the Hymer? I think A class shaped motorhomes get better mpg than overcabs, certainly you should get above 30mpg depending on driving style.


  8. Hi Gary,

    What an interesting , and informative page you have here my friend .
    I’m just beginning to seriously research the purchasing of a motorhome myself , just so happen’s , i’m looking at a hymer 564 too . It offers the interior i think best suit’s my need’s , it’s about the right size ,and being under 3500kgs can be mot’ed anywhere . Until now , i’ve only been looking at 1989 to 91 example’s , as i’m looking for a specific interior layout , but now having seen your’s , with just such the interior , i can now extent that to 97 .
    I’m not phased at having an older van . Actually i prefer older engine’s as they don’t have the fancy electronic’s of modern motor’s , which mean’s there’s less to go wrong , and they are much easier to fix . As a ( i think competent) home mechanic , it’s not unusual for me to be found under the bonnet of my 21yr old citroen ax diesel , so your comments regarding the 5th gear issue’s were really most helpful . Just a pity i cant weld ! ( ah , but i know a man that can ) .
    It’s a shame you have sold your van , though , as there is a very specific question i would like to ask the owner of this type of van , regarding the interior , but alas it will probably require a tape measure , and the actual van ,to answer it , still cant have every thing i guess . Any other sniplet’s of information , regarding the hymer , would be most helpful .

    Keep up the excellent work my friend ,
    many regard’s ,
    Mickey .

  9. Hi Mickey,

    Thanks for the comment and sorry for the delay in replying, have been really busy lately. I agree the Hymer A class models are a good compromise in terms of vehicle dimensions and interior space. The double bed that comes down from above the cab seating area is a real space saver. Mine was on a Fiat 2.5TD which was OK, certainly much better than the earlier non turbo models. However I think the modern engines are more car like to drive and if money was no object I’d prefer one of these (even though I understand the interiors are not as well built as the Hymers from the 90’s).

    Whilst I no longer have the van they do appear from time to time so you should be able to view one to answer the questions you have about the interior. I got mine from Ikonic Kampers in Lincolnshire, a one man operation who specialises in these older Hymers.

    Good luck with it, I’ve yet to meet a Hymer owner who was not pleased with their purchase.

    All the best
    The Motorhome Vagabond

  10. Hi Gary,
    read your good review of the Hymer B motorhome.
    I own a Hymer Exsis 562 and got badly hurt by the roof light of this vehicle.
    Maybe you could help me with following.
    I would need a scan of the one or two pages of the british Version of the User Manual of one newer Model of Hymer Motorhomes dealing with the Roof light of the vehicle.

  11. Hi Guenther,

    I’m sorry but I sold the Hymer at the end of 2013 and so the new owner has the British user manual. I’m sure you could find a copy online or if any other Hymer owner thinks they can help please feel free to reply so Guenther can get in touch with you.


  12. Hey guys…. now looking to sell my B564 Hymer. Does anyone know what they are valued at roughly? Any info would be much appreciated

  13. Hi Tim,

    Not really sure myself what they go for these days, obviously age, mileage and condition would have big impact. Generally though you can assume that Hymer’s hold their value better than most makes. There are enough of them around for sale to get an idea what you might reasonably expect to get for yours.


  14. Gary. Read your words with great interest. Coild you advise whats best model Hymer for a couple with a view to almost fultime living in but would like to travel it sometimes poss just uk but maybe edge into Europe.
    Thanks Mick

  15. Hi Mick,

    It’s hard to advise which model of Hymer as it depends on so many factors. I have no idea what your budget is or how you intend to use your vehicle. I will say that the Hymer I had was about the minimum size for 2 people if you plan to fulltime in it. It was the ideal size in many ways, I know others who prefer 8 metre plus long motorhomes but they are harder to park and cost more when it comes to tolls etc. Also don’t rule out other brands, Burstner and a few other makes are also built well and can take fulltime living.

    Best advice is to look at as many as possible. Soon you will narrow down both the overall size that you need as well as the interior layout that makes the most sense for you.

    Good luck
    The Motorhome Vagabond

  16. Hi Gary!

    We have just bought a hyMER 564 (1993), but it came without owners manual. We saw everything working before buying, but the person who sold it don’t use motorhomes, just sell them.. So, now, we have been driving, and it is perfect. BUT, as we don’t have the manual, and as it is our first motorhome, we don’t know how to make anything work! Just to drive. Embarrasing! We can’t put any light on, no water, we can’t see battery levels, we don’t know how to make anything work, the panel 101 is a completely mystery for us..
    Hope I explained myself, and you have a manual or can give us any helpful info.
    I would appreciate it! Best wishes! Pilar.

  17. Hi Pilar,

    I no longer have the motorhome but it should be easy enough to get a manual for yours. The person I bought mine from used to get the Hymer ones translated from German to English. Most of the functions are common on most motorhomes. Anyone who has owned a motorhome should be able to show you how to use the boiler to hear water for example and the main panel (maybe above the habitation door) tells you the charge of your batteries and how full your fresh and waste tanks are.

    Depending on where you live you should be able to find a Hymer specialist. I know a couple in the UK who would probably be able to source a manual and I would not be surprised if there was a digital version online somewhere.

    Good luck.

    The Motorhome Vagabond

  18. Hi Pilar / Gary
    We bought our B564 last June, and have a photocopied version of the manual explaining how to use everything. I could photocopy if for you, it’s about 30-40 pages long, sorry i don’t have a scanner!
    If you’re interested just let me know.

  19. Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for commenting! Pilar if you want a copy of the manual let me or Tracy know.

    The Motorhome Vagabond

  20. Thank you MHV + all respondents for a wonderfully friendly and informative site and comments on the immortal Hymer!

    I am ex.Brit living now in Canada – returning to UK this summer to buy a 564A and tour the Continent.
    Found one a very clean reasonably priced 1994 with 105K kms so think from what you are all saying, am right track. I had been looking at the rear lounge 544 version but cant find one in this age/price range.

    They are beautifully made airy, light and practical motorhomes.

    Any comments re.5th gear etc.challenges that apply specifically to the ’94 564A (or its 94-98 year group) please pass comments on.

    Looking forward to touring France, Germany, Italy Switzerland and then back to UK to sell it on later this year (2018).

    best to all Hymerites –


  21. Hi Gary ,
    I was in touch back in 2015 , and just thought you might like a catch up . Well , i’m now the owner of a year 2000 , Hymer 584 , on a fiat 2.8 idtd base , and have been for a couple of years now . Driving heavy trucks , which after 30 odd years feel like a van with a big trailer , i took to it’s size with absolutely no problems . However it is a left hooker , and this slowed me down a tad till i got used to driving on the wrong side of the road . I came across the 584 by accident , and quickly concluded the interior suited me better than the 564 . My van has air assisted suspension , a slide under motorcycle rack , ski locker , solar panel and only 46000 on the clock . Plated to 3.5 tonne , i also had the paperwork to upgrade to 3.7 , so i completed that late last year , and i’m now able to carry a small motorcycle on the back . Ahem , it’s actually sitting in the garage right now .
    I can wholeheartedly agree with your review of the Hymer . My kitchen is across the back , with a three burner cooker and twin sinks , bathroom is in the same place as your’s was , but the other way round . The separate shower is where the toilet is and vice versa , incidentally i changed the shower head and now get a really good shower . My fridge is pretty much in the same position as your’s was , and i have a large wardrobe opposite , but the main lounge is totally different . It’s what hymer call bar seating , i have three belted captain’s chairs , which all rotate and a settee on the offside . A bar type table protrudes from the nearside between two of the chair’s , with an extension that allows one person to use the table from the settee . One disadvantage with this arrangement , is when the settee is converted to a bed , the table restricts access to the drop down bed over the cab , however i plan on converting the table to also drop down gaining even more space , a common mod it appears . Unfortunately i don’t have an oven (ha ha yet) , but storage is way plentiful , as it’s normally just me in residence . I can also confirm , i can stay independant for up to a week , before i need a site to start emptying tanks . All in all a very solid and easy van to live in with plenty of space .
    On the road , the hymer’s easy to drive , and certainly comfortable . I’m getting a shade over 30 mpg , only slightly less than the little van that it replaced , and which comically would comfortable fit in the back , almost twice over . The only downside , if there is one is engine access , it’s not great , remember what i said about the citroen . Being direct injection it don’t have the fancy electronics of the modern stuff , which with 85 percent of vehicle breakdowns being electrical , will certainly make it more reliable . Though that’s only if you discount the gearbox , it’s got the same one as you had with the same potential problem , actually most of the engine is the same , it’s just the top end that’s different . Anyway i’m gonna cut and run here mate .

    Many regards ,

    Mickey .

  22. Hi Mickey,

    Yes the old Hymers are hard to beat. I saw lots of Hymer models with the 3 belted seats but at the time I bought mine I wanted the 6 belted seats. If I was buying again I would probably get a different layout, maybe more like yours. We went without a motorhome for a good few years but got an Adria Twin last year. We will be selling it as not used it as much as planned and I’ve never really enjoyed driving it much. Now that I no longer fulltime I cannot justify the sort of money motorhomes cost.

    I still like the idea of weekends away but I like to make decisions last minute based on the weather forecast. Campsites are often full so I’d probably want to wild camp which means something more stealthy. I’ve been looking at camping kits like the ones sold by Amdro which would allow me to convert my existing Berlingo to a weekend camper. I think my ideal camper is something small, with a diesel heater fitted but no permanently installed water tanks. Draining down after every trip in winter becomes a pain. I basically think I want something more basic and cheap.

    Good luck with your Hymer.

    The Motorhome Vagabond

  23. Hi Gary
    I have enjoyed your review of the hymer 564
    Recently bought a 2000 version with just 19000 miles but loads of work to be done!
    Long shot I know but how do you turn the passenger seat around?
    Mine gets half way and bumps again the carpeted storage locker which juts out in the passenger side.
    Must have been designed to turn as the chair moves half way and has all the equipment is installed
    Any ideas? I realise it is a long time ago but really stuck!

  24. Hi Alison,

    It’s been so long I can’t remember. I don’t remember any special problem rotating the passenger side seat. Is your model the same layout? I know some are different.

    Hope you work it out.


  25. Hi. Great posts, thanks Gary and all! I am about to buy a 1997 Hymer B564 loaded wirh extras (lithium battery pack, solar panel, bike lift at rear, etc) and would really like to get a copy of an English user manual. Would anyone be able to send me one via email? Would very much appreciate it. Best regards, Aidan Mills

  26. Hi Aidan,

    I’ve approved the comment so that others can see it and respond if they can help. I have heard of people who had similar Hymer models from this era who asked Hymer Germany who kindly send them an English manual as a PDF. Not sure if that was common policy but could be worth asking.

    My Hymer came with an Engligh manual (photocopied) I seem to remember. I suspect the seller arranged this. He was a Hymer specialist and he might be able to help. His website is:


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