Outdoor Revolution Movelite XL Driveaway Awning For Sale!

Movelite XL Driveaway Awning & Inner Tent – Only £160.00!

So why am I selling my Movelite XL Driveaway Awning & Inner Tent? When I bought my motorhome I wanted to be able to accommodate some friends from time to time. Whilst the motorhome sleeps 4, both beds are double. As the motorhome had a Fiamma awning attached it seemed the best solution would be the front and side panels to turn it into a tent. These panels are very expensive though and so I began to look at driveaway awnings. The most popular one of these for motorhomes is the Movelite XL Driveaway Awning and so I purchased one.

The awning was only used once as I decided to use a normal camping tent instead of a driveaway as I did not really need the extra head height and space that the Movelite XL Driveaway Awning offers. The Movelite XL Driveaway awning is also not the easiest to put up on your own, it’s really a 2 person job!

So if you are interested in a Movelite XL Driveaway Awning why not contact me. I’m selling both the awning and inner tent for £160.00. The new price for the awning is £250.00 and the new price for the inner tent is £39.99 so the price I’m selling for is a good deal.

Movelite XL Driveaway Awning
Movelite XL Driveaway Awning

Movelite XL Driveaway Awning

Contact me via this blog or by on my mobile 07513 078341 if interested. You won’t find an example of the Movelite XL Driveaway Awning in as new condition anywhere else for this price!



  1. Hi Gary

    We have communicated through text. I have sent you a text to advise of this e mail on the new number your gave me.

    I am hopefully making a flying visit to London on the 16th April, and am wondering if we maybe arrange a pick up say in the early evening on my way back. I see that you are advertising it on this site for £160 whereas your friend on MHF advertised it for £140. Fuel is going to cost me £50 for my trip to London, and therefore am wondering if you would accept £115. I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hi Gary.

    Is this Driveaway Awning still available by any chance? If so I would happily pay your asking price and would probably be able to pick it up if you are in the London area.


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